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Upgrading a jailbroken device to the latest and greatest iOS firmware

February 15, 2012 1 comment


If you have a jailbroken device, chances are you will find it a headache to upgrade your iOS firmware. Below are the steps which you can take to minimize your headache.



  1. Jailbroken iOS device
  2. Installous installed and with iTunes sync on
  3. PC with the latest iTunes
  4. new iOS firmware can be jailbroken

  1. Connect the iOS device to your PC
  2. Start up iTunes
  3. Right click your device and click on Transfer Purchases
  4. Wait for the purchases to be transferred
  5. Right click your device and click on Back Up
  6. Wait for the backup to complete
  7. Upgrade to the latest iOS version via iTunes (Click on Check for Update or Shift + Click Restore to load a local copy of the ipsw)
  8. Jailbreak the device
  9. Run cydia on the device and install installous
  10. Install any other cydia apps that you need (so that restore will restore the apps location inside springboard properly)
  11. Enable iTunes Sync inside installous
  12. Inside iTunes, click on your device and select the Apps tab
  13. Check Sync Apps
  14. Click ok when prompted
  15. Make sure all the apps are selected then click on Apply
  16. Wait for the apps to be synchronized back to your phone
  17. Right click your device and select Restore from Backup
  18. Select the latest backup which was done before the upgrade and click ok
  19. Wait for iTunes to restore the files and application settings, your phone will reboot once complete

After all this, you should have your phone back in more or less the same order as before. Your springboard icon locations may be slightly off, but that should not be too much of a hassle

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