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InvoicePlane–Enabling Date Parameters

Sometimes it is necessary to include some form of dates in either the item or the item description for InvoicePlane.

In order to do so, you will need to edit 3 files


search for function generate_invoice_pdf

and replace

$data = array(
        ‘invoice’ => $invoice,
        ‘invoice_tax_rates’ => $CI->mdl_invoice_tax_rates->where(‘invoice_id’, $invoice_id)->get()->result(),
          ‘items’ => $CI->mdl_items->get_items_and_replace_vars($invoice_id, $invoice->invoice_date_due),
        ‘payment_method’ => $payment_method,
        ‘output_type’ => ‘pdf’



search for  public function invoice

$data = array(
                ‘invoice’ => $invoice,
                     ‘items’ => $this->mdl_items->get_items_and_replace_vars($invoice->invoice_id, $invoice->invoice_date_due),
                ‘invoice_tax_rates’ => $this->mdl_invoice_tax_rates->where(‘invoice_id’, $invoice->invoice_id)->get()->result(),
                ‘invoice_url_key’ => $invoice_url_key,
                ‘flash_message’ => $this->session->flashdata(‘flash_message’),
                ‘payment_method’ => $payment_method



add the following function to Mdl_Items class

public function get_items_and_replace_vars($invoice_id, $invoice_date_created = ‘now’)
         $items = array();
         $query = $this->where(‘invoice_id’, $invoice_id)->get();

         foreach($query->result() as $item) {
             $item->item_name = $this->parse_item($item->item_name, $invoice_date_created);
             $item->item_description = $this->parse_item($item->item_description, $invoice_date_created);
             $items[] = $item;
         return $items;



Now you can do things like

Support and maintenance for {{{Month}}} {{{Year}}}


which will then appear as


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