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AppFabric–Unable to change database stores

*Bear in mind that AppFabric is no longer supported and will EOL in 2017 (http://blogs.msdn.com/b/appfabric/archive/2015/06/19/appfabric-1-1-for-windows-server-support-lifecycle-extension-4-11-2017.aspx)


Because AppFabric depends on IIS, sometimes Windows Update can cause it to fail unexpectedly and the only way to get it fixed seems to be to remove and recreate the entire cache cluster.

Remove SQL connection strings

  1. Run IIS Manager
  2. Click on Configuration Editor
  3. Click on the dropdown and select connectionStrings
  4. Click on “..”
  5. Select the 2 AppFabric ConnectionStrings and remove them
  6. Click Apply

Removing Cache Cluster

In each of the cache server

  1. run Caching Administration Window Powershell as Administrator
  2. run Unregister-CacheHost
  3. run Remove-CacheHost

Now delete the actual database that is storing the AppFabric Caching service data


You can now proceed to recreate the entire cache cluster

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