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Windows Server–DFSR Cheat Sheet

January 20, 2013 Leave a comment

Command: dfsrdiag pollad

Use this command to force DFS to poll AD for configuration updates

Typically used when changes to DFS are not being implemented, use this to force the update


Command: dfsradmin membership set /rgname:[replication group name]
/rfname:[replication folder name] /memname:[primary server name] /isprimary:true


Use this command to set a particular server as the primary member

Typically used when you add a new folder target in DFS and want it to sync from another server, or to set one of the server as a primary member. IsPrimary will be false once the sync is completed


Command: robocopy [destination] /copyall /s /xd dfsrprivate /r:1 /w:1

Robocopy the entire folder from source to destination, used to preseed the destination so that DFS will not take too long to sync


Location of DFS debug files: C:\windows\debug

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