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Installing Windows 8 on a Pre 2010 MacBook Pro

October 1, 2012 Leave a comment

Installing Windows 8 on Macbook

If you were to put in the Windows 8 CD and try to boot from the CD, you will get to a weird screen which gives you 2 options

1. [blank]

2. [blank]

Select CD-Rom Boot Type:


pressing either 1 or 2 just does not work.


To get it to work, you will need to create a special iso file

  1. Download the windows 8 x86 iso
  2. Extract the iso files to C:\Win8
  3. Download oscdimg.exe
  4. Run the following command

    oscdimg –n –m –bc:\win8\boot\ c:\win8 c:\win8dvd.iso

  5. Burn c:\win8dvd.iso
  6. Insert this media into your macbook
  7. Power on the macbook and hold the option key
  8. select the dvd rom, boot and install Windows 8

Once everything is done, you will be able to start up to windows 8


Windows 8 Drivers

You will have to ensure that you have version 3.0 of boot camp, and download 3.1 and 3.2 off Apple Support. Alternatively you can get it at

  1. Browse version 3.0 disk
  2. Goto Drivers\Apple
  3. Right click on bootcamp.msi, click properties –> compatibility
  4. Check “Run this program in compatibilty mode for”
  5. Select “Previous version of windows”
  6. Click ok
  7. Double click bootcamp.msi and follow the steps to install
  8. During the process, you may get some errors, click on ignore
  9. Reboot the mac
  10. Now install version 3.1 of the boot camp drivers and reboot
  11. Finally install version 3.2 of the boot camp drivers and reboot
  12. Once you reboot, you will be able to see the Apple Boot Camp icon and you are good to go!
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