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Getting Cryptzone Appgate Security Server to work with HyperV 3.0

Appgate is a fantastic product, giving you up to 10 VPN accounts for free.


In a VMware or VirtualBox environment, this works out of the box. However it does not work well with Windows HyperV. Primarily this is due to the different network adapter HyperV exposes.


Luckily it is still possible to make this work with HyperV!


First download the ovf version from CryptZone. You can request for the free edition at http://www.cryptzone.com/products/appgate/security-server/


Then download the Microsoft Virtual Disk Converter at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh967435.aspx


Next, unzip the ovf files to a folder and use mvdc to convert it to a vhd file



Now goto HyperV and create a new Virtual Machine with the following specs

  • 1 CPU
  • 768MB Ram
  • Mount the VHD created in the previous step as IDE 0 Port 0
  • Add a legacy network adapter



Start up the VM and then goto Factory default failsafe



Let it load and you will end up with the following prompt. Enter y



Enable super user by typing su. then type dladm show-link.

Make sure you see dnet0 listed



To play safe, type ifconfig dnet0 plumb up followed by ifconfig –a. Make sure you see the same thing as the image below. For now its ok to not have any ip address


Type reboot to reboot the machine and boot normally (i.e 10.0.2)

Run ls host* and ensure that you see hostname.e1000g0 appear

then run mv hostname.e100g0 hostname.dnet0. This will switch the hostname mapping to the hyperv NIC.

Run ls host* again to ensure that this is correctly done



Now try out the ag_ipconfig command and make sure that it changes dnet0


You can now follow the steps in Appgate configuration guide and proceed to setup the vpn

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