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Creating a more decent custom request validation

As a follow up to https://jefferytay.wordpress.com/2010/04/15/creating-your-own-custom-request-validation/. Usually the time when you want to disable request validation is during form post and nothing else.

Using the provided code, it actually bypasses ALL validation, which may not be such a good idea.

In order to bypass only for form post, or to do your own request validation per type, use the code segment below

protected override bool IsValidRequestString(HttpContext context, string value, RequestValidationSource requestValidationSource, string collectionKey, out int validationFailureIndex)
           switch (requestValidationSource)
               case RequestValidationSource.Cookies:
               case RequestValidationSource.Files:
               case RequestValidationSource.Headers:
               case RequestValidationSource.Path:
               case RequestValidationSource.PathInfo:
               case RequestValidationSource.QueryString:
               case RequestValidationSource.RawUrl:
                   return base.IsValidRequestString(context, value, requestValidationSource, collectionKey, out validationFailureIndex);
               case RequestValidationSource.Form:
                   //only form post data is exempt from the checks
                   validationFailureIndex = 0;
                   return true;

Just add your own checks in each of the RequestValidationSource as you deem fit. The code segment above, basically bypasses all form posts checks and uses the default check for the rest of the types

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