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C# Web Browser: Getting the value of a javascript property

June 28, 2012 Leave a comment

Got asked a few times how to do this, and it seems this information is somehow not easily found on the internet.


If you are using the .NET Web Browser control, there IS a way to get the value of a javascript property/attribute/function etc etc.


Assuming I have a web browser control called WB, and I want to get the cookies for the page, what I need to do is basically call eval with the parameters I want

WB.Document.InvokeScript("eval", new object[] { "document.cookie" }).ToStringX()


in actual code

var myCookies = WB.Document.InvokeScript("eval", new object[] { "document.cookie" }).ToStringX();


Hope this help you guys out there Smile

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How to root and flash custom firmware for your unbranded Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300)

June 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Word of warning

Once you root your S3, your warranty will be void. The only way to restore your warranty is to flash back a stock firmware. (I shall leave it as an exercise for you)


Files needed to root/flash custom firmware

For rooting

– Download both the CF-Root file and ODIN from and extract them to the same folder

For CF-Root, you can goto XDA to see if there is a newer version

– Download and install Samsung Kies (


Custom Firmware

– Currently omega rom seems to be the preferred firmware of choice. You can find it at


Rooting your S3

  1. Make sure you backed up everything you need from your S3 before you do this. You can use apps like SMS Backup and Restore and Titanium to do the necessary backup
  2. Power down your phone (Press and hold the power button then click on Power Off)
  3. Boot into download mode by pressing and holding the following keys together: Volume Down + Home + Power
  4. Once it is in download mode, connect your phone to your PC
  5. Run ODIN and ensure that you see a device connected (See the black circle). If nothing appears, confirm that you have installed Kies properly
  6. Make sure ONLY Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time is checked
  7. Check the checkbox beside PDA and click on the PDA button to select the CF root file
  8. Click on Start to begin the rooting process
  9. The messages box will show the processes taking place during root. If at anytime the process hangs, just pull out the battery and start from step 3 again. The whole process should take at most 4 to 5 minutes.
  10. Once the rooting is complete, the phone will auto restart and you will see a CWM and SuperSU app inside your applications list.

Flashing Omega Rom

You can refer to the steps found at

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