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What is this Cloud all about

The cloud term has been used in various forms over the last few Akamai had it with their cached storage, then came google and microsoft with their huge geographically dispersed data centres,and along came facebook.

I’ve never really been a proponent of using the word cloud as i never felt that technology has advanced to such a stage. In the last 2 years, what cloud meant was that you pay for a “cloud” instance and then use it. This was what hosting companies have been doing for the last 5 years via virtual private server (VPS). The difference between VPS and cloud instances is that you are charged for everything you use in the cloud, VPS usually impose a monthly charge.

This to me is just server virtualization, and not a true cloud, there is still server administration that i need to take care of, which is not really what i should be doing.

Recently after getting my hands dirty with Microsoft Azure and new System Centre 2012 and Windows Server 8 offerings, i’m beginning to feel that Microsoft really does know the direction they are going with cloud. No longer is it server virtualization, it lets you host your app and scale your app. It is no longer really about having to do windows update, restarts, worrying about correct installation of the components, securing the server, it is just about my app, and how to make it run smoothly.


This i feel is cloud, me as an app owner, managing my app, making it perform as best as it can, and leave the rest to a system that knows very well what it is doing.

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