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ASP.NET 4 SEO Adventures Part 1: Discovering Title, Keywords and Description

September 20, 2011 5 comments

Search Engine Optimization

This is the art of customizing your page so that it is optimized for search engines. By following certain steps, it helps to propel your website up the rankings when your clients use certain keywords which matches those in your site!

Previously, the page’s title, keywords and description were used by search engines to quickly make sense of your site. However due to unscrupulous usage of these “hidden” fields, search engines now generally ignore the keywords tag. They do however respect the page title and description when crawling.

Title Tag

The title must be unique, descriptive, and accurate. The title must be between 5 and 65 characters long. The title should contain keywords that reflect the page content, and it should be easy to read.

It should contain the name of the company as well so that when search engines search the site they will index and relate the company name to the rest of the words in the title tag.

For example is titled “Microsoft Corporation: Software, Smartphones, Online, Games, Cloud Computing, IT Business Technology, Downloads” is titled “A-Assurance : Get and compare car insurance quotes instantly!”

In both cases, the title contains the name of the company along with what the site is supposed to do. For the former, it relates Microsoft to the various keywords like software, smartphones, online, games etc. And for the latter, it link A-Assurance to a motor car insurance comparison site in singapore (.sg domain)

To easily change the Page Title, you can either set it in the @page directive, or else programatically via the Title property in the code-behind page e.g this.Title = “Musings on Education and Technology”


The description must be between 25 and 150 characters long, human readable, actionable, and rich in keywords. Search engines use the information from the description meta tag to index the page and to present the summary of the content on the search results page. A description that is too short can affect the ranking of the page and reduce the number of click-throughs from the search results page to your site.

Using the 2 sites in the previous example, notice how they keep the description between 25 and 150 characters and is extremely rich in keywords

Microsoft: “Get product information, support, news from Microsoft.”

A-Assurance: “Helps you to save money by quickly comparing similiar insurance products for car, home, travel and personal accident from trusted insurance companies”

The page’s description can easily be changed as well. Similar to the title property, you can either set it in the @page directive or programatically via Page.MetaDescription property

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