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Backing up an iOS device (IPhone, iPAD)

For those interested to backup the ENTIRE file system for an iOS device, here’s how to do it.


  1. Jailbroken phone
  2. OpenSSH installed (via cydia)
  3. DD utility on your pc (linux native)
  4. ssh client on your pc (linux native)
  1. Make sure you can ping your iphone (Settings -> General -> About to get your phone’s IP Address)
  2. Make sure you can ssh to your iphone (from your pc, type ssh root@[iphone ip])
    If you get a prompt asking you to save some key its alright, just type yes
  3. from your PC, run the following command

    ssh root@[iphone ip] dd if=/dev/rdisk0s1 bs=1M | dd of=ios-root.img
    ssh root@[iphone ip] dd if=/dev/rdisk0s2s1 bs=1M | dd of=ios-user.imgssh root@[iphone ip] – ssh client on pc connects to ssh server on iphone
    dd if=/dev/rdisk0 bs=1M – execute dd command with input file =/dev/rdisk0 and block size of 1M
    | – pipe to redirect input to the next command
    dd of=ios.img – run dd on the pc with output file=ios.img

this command will take a while depending on your iphone and wifi speed

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  1. May 4, 2011 at 8:18 pm

    Nice post:D thanks

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